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Comprehensive services within OSH – Safety and Technical Service (STS), FP – Fire Protection Technician Service
and e-learning of both services

Safety and Technical Service (STS)

The employer is obliged to provide STS for employees in accordance with Act No. 124/2006 Coll. (Section 21 par. 3 and 4) on safety and health protection at work.

We will provide you with:

  • processing of complete occupational health and safety documentation in accordance with the applicable legislation and in accordance with customer requirements
  • performance of employee training in the prescribed terms (full-time or e-learning)
  • professional advice for the employer as well as other managers
  • identification and assessment of risks in terms of Section 6 para. 1 letter c) of Act No. 124/2006 Coll. with the PPE proposal
  • participation and professional assistance in the investigation of accidents at work (processing of records of registered accidents at work, reporting of accidents at work to the competent authorities, compensation, etc.)
  • supervision of the fulfilment of obligations arising from regulations on occupational safety and health and the performance of inspections of the employer’s workplaces with the identification of deficiencies and a proposal to improve the identified condition (preventive control activities at workplaces)
  • control of the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other narcotics
  • representation in contact with state administration bodies
  • implementation of management systems (ISO)
Fire protection technician service

The employer is obliged to meet the requirements of Act No. 314/2001 Coll. on fire protection, to further ensure the fulfilment of duties and specified tasks in the field of fire protection by persons who have the required professional competence or special authorization

We will provide you with:

  • elaboration, management and maintenance of fire protection documentation in accordance with the actual condition of the building
  • performing preventive fire inspections of buildings and workplaces
  • identification of places with an increased risk of fire and the number of members of fire brigades
  • conducting training on fire protection and training of fire patrols
  • determining fire safety requirements for work with an increased risk of fire
  • organizing and evaluating training fire drills
  • participation in inspections carried out by inspection bodies (ŠPD)
  • expert advice and consultation in the field of fire protection
  • monitoring and adding legislative changes to the customer’s documentation
and FP

E-learning is a modern method for the effective training of employees in the field of occupational safety and health and FP.

It enables the remote performance of OSH and FP training in the form of e-learning, while the advantages are:

  • training approved by the relevant state authorities (NIP)
  • quick deployment in your company
  • user friendly content and processing of training (training materials, videos, etc.)
Advantages of e-learning
  • you can take the OSH and FP course from home, work, or from anywhere you have access to the Internet – saving time and reducing downtime during full-time training
  • courses are tailored for study on mobile devices
  • the study is simple and everyone can complete the courses with minimal knowledge of computer use
  • education can be interrupted at any time and returned to when it suits you – training flexibility
  • for the employer, completing an e-learning course is more cost-effective than its full-time form – a lower price
  • you do not have to wait for the exact date of a standard (attendance) course
  • reporting for the employer
  • automatic reminders about the approaching expiration of records
  • sending a record of completion of the course to the employee and to the customer’s personnel department
For larger companies
  • you can take OSH and FP course from home, work, or from anywhere where you have access to the Internet – saving time and reducing downtime during full-time training
  • the possibility of managing operations and employees in-house (e.g. the customer’s personnel department)
  • mass import of employees from the customer’s personal information system
  • possibility to upload own internal trainings to the system (charged as an additional service)

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