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Polymer disinfection – a revolutionary hygiene solution

Dear clients and business partners, we would like to introduce you to another way our company SLOVCLEAN looks after the hygienic safety of its clients in the form of surface polymer disinfection. You can see an example of how polymer disinfection works in a shopping centre in the video: :

Do you also need to disinfect objects thoroughly?
Slovclean offers you the most effective solution!

With us, you will maintain a high standard of hygiene measures!

Using an electrostatic sprayer, we perform surface chlorine-free and non-alcoholic polymer disinfection of objects, which is effective on all bacteria / viruses / fungi / yeasts / H1N1, H5N1 and Covid-19.

Why is polymer disinfection effective?
  • PolyHMG-based disinfection products represent the latest type of polymer disinfection
  • their wide-ranging use guarantees maximum environmental protection
  • It destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, algae
  • At the same time, it leaves surfaces protected against microorganisms for a long time, it creates a protective film
  • destroys the environment suitable for microorganisms
  • has strong antifungal effects
  • polymer disinfection is stable, non-volatile, non-reactive and non-oxidizing
  • does not destroy any materials (textiles, metals, plastics, leather, rubber)
  • it is a low-risk disinfection and is environmentally friendly
PolyHMG forms a protective biocidal film on surfaces.

This in turn eliminates further contamination. This protects the surface for a long time and reduces the risk of infection. Pay attention to regular prevention! And not just during the current emergency situation. Comprehensive hygienic safeguarding of interior spaces prevents the problem caused by SBS syndrome, sick building syndrome. Find out more here.

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