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Revolutionary cleaning technology OXIVIR EXCEL for disinfection of frequently touched surfaces

Dear clients, business partners, we are constantly working to improve our services for you. In connection with the further development of the pandemic, as well as with the coming period of various respiratory diseases, our company brings a “strengthening” in the sanitation of the premises for all its customers. We have therefore added the increased disinfection of frequently touched areas, such as door handles, switches, railings, toilet flushes, handles, taps, etc. to our services

We utilize the latest revolutionary cleaning technologies in our work. OXIVIR EXCEL cleaning and disinfectant, the basic component of which is effective accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP), is the most effective method for disinfecting touched surfaces.

Characteristics of the product OXIVIR EXCEL:
  • broad-spectrum activity against microorganisms (bactericidal, viralcidal, fungicidal)
  • short contact time
  • excellent cleaning properties
  • safe for users and surfaces
  • perfume-free
  • not classified as dangerous at the application concentration
  • environmentally friendly (hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen after disinfection)
  • the substances used in this product are biodegradable

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