Polymer disinfection


Guarantee of compliance with high standards of hygiene measures

Our company performs surface disinfection of buildings with the revolutionary and most effective polymer technology,
within 24 HOURS FROM THE ORDER of this service, anywhere in Slovakia.

We will help with the disinfection of your premises using full-area chlorine-free and non-alcoholic polymer disinfection with PolyHMG, which creates a protective biocidal film on surfaces. This eliminates further contamination and the surface is thus protected for a long time. The risk of infection decreases. It is used by means of an electrostatic sprayer. Destroys bacteria / viruses / fungi / yeast / H1N1, H5N1 and Covid-19!

Before and after each use of this disinfection, we perform a control DISPOSABLE CULTURE MEDIUM – SMEARS to determine the microbiological contamination of surfaces. Our clients thus have proof of its absolute effectiveness.

Why is polymer disinfection so effective?
  • PolyHMG-based disinfection products are the most modern type of polymer disinfection
  • the broad-spectrum use of these products guarantees maximum environmental protection
  • they destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, algae
  • they leave surfaces protected against microorganisms for a long time, they form a protective film
  • they destroy the environment suitable for microorganisms
  • polymer disinfection is stable, non-volatile, non-reactive and non-oxidizing
  • does not destroy any materials (textiles, metals, plastics, leather, rubber)
  • it is a low-risk disinfection and is environmentally friendly

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